Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Time

X penah2 kne tag nie... hehehe..ika2 ak bt nie pon ko yg pakse. hahaha..bley x?cam 2.. WHAT IF UR EX-GIRLFRIEND/EX-BOYFRIEND SAID THESE TO YOU? 1. Hi,how r ya? *Fine tq..* 2. Hey!you wanna go to mall? *Bley gak..* 3. I love you... *Easy to said!* 4. Do you want some cookies? *No thnks..* 5. Can you take me a picture? *For wat,nk BOMOH ak erk..* 6. Help me in my homework! *Bnyak cntik..Bt r sndri kokan lbh pandai dr ak..* 7. Here's my gift to you *No thnks!* 8. Lets just be textmates? *?* 9. Do u want me to buy you an ipod? *x pe lar ak dah ade....* 10. Let's sit together in the bus *X nk r..nant de orng Gosip* 11. Hi baby *baby plz lar geli ak* 12. You still cute *YA ALLAH bru sedar ke..sian ye* 13. I still love you *Sory wrong person* 14. Can i visit your house? *Nk wat pe dtg umh..X pyh la* 15. Do u love me? *Yap as a friend*