Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MissiOn Is COmplete!!!!

MOrning...huhu..pg2 dh meraba cri laptop nk smbung cite punye fsal..huhu.sebenarye mission yg ak plan ngan ro8@kwn ak sorng nie chima nk wat suprise party kt seha n nisa..bufday seha 24/12/1988 and nisa 10/2/ mse nk smbut bufday seha taun lepas bujet lari..(x taw lari mane?n sape kejar duet 2?hahahaha)..2 yg kteorng plan nk smbut bufdaY die ngan nisa skli..ptng 2 kteorng gerak plahan2 g bndar,tnpe pngetahuan dorng..kalo x kantoi la kan..mse nk kuar blik 2 punya la seksa,mane x ye blik dorng dpan ngan blik kteorng je..pas2 pin2 dorng plak trgaga jerk..kteorng pon pk cam ne nk g nie..mungkin ALLAH nk tlong..tetiba jerk dorng ttup pin2..hahaha..time 2 kteorng ske lg kteorng pon grk r turun bwh..tok pngetahuan korng ak dok aras 3..n nisa ngan seha dorng 2 ro8..,kteorng trun pas2 salin pkaian kt blik chima..siap2 tros g..kteorng g ngan sobri n daus..naek kete..nasib baik dorng ade..kalo x taw x r..thnks guys...kteorng gerak pon ptg..pas2 tros g ECM g mkn kt Johnnys..huh knyng gler..lpas je g mkn kteorng tros g SECRET RECIPE..cri kek CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE SEDAP!!!! yummy..then kteorng tros blik..mane x ye teruna 2 orng 2 x sabar nk tngk kptm idol..nk sokong mmber punye fsl...kteorng pon gerak lar sepantas yg bley..sesampai jerk kt kolej..kteorng tros g blik chima.pas2 naik blik..dorng pon kte kt kteorng cam nie("wey korng g mane?")sblm ak grak ak dh pesan dh kt bdk sblh blik ak yg kteorng kuar bndar ngan abah jerk pesan2 mlas nk msg..nant bnyk tnye plak..ha3...pas2 chima bgerak sepantas yg bley..kteorng susun lilin yg bley mmbentuk name dorng cam nie ade yg separuh x nyala..cuz de angin skit mlm 2..x pe lar jnji nmpak jgakkn..
nie la kek yg kteorng mkn smlm..pergh!!!knyang gler..2 pon dah bg bdk2 junior..ske korunk eh dapt mkn kek..huhuh... dh selesai je bt bnda nie kt tngga..ak pon pnggl lar dorng..mse 2 pin2 t'ttp..ak pnggil dorng cam nie("woi nisa seha cepat r tngak nie de bdk brcium dow")ha3!!dorng pe lg kelam kabut r nk tngk..pas2 ak bkak jerk pin2 tros chima n ety nynyi lgu hapy b'day kt nisa n seha..tharu gler dorunk.dorng x espect pon kteorng nk wat cam 2..sweet sgnt.dornk mrah kt kteorng..npe bt semua 2,mmbazir je dorunk kte.."x pe la nisa seha..skli skala kan..then kteorng ambik la gmbar..mlm 2 kteorng rase cam close sngat.walaupon sblm nie close tp x seclose mlm td la..hope korunk x lupe fsl mlm td..friends 4 ever..

  • Best Friends
  • Never occurred to me We would one day be apart Separated by the oceans Miles and miles away Though now we lead different paths Our memories will forever be fresh in me Flashing back to the past Where our eyes meet Back then we were off-beat As different as night and day Whether it's fate or a twist of fate We got along eventually As time passed by Our friendship gain strength We shared everthing possible From deep thougths to humor Backing up each other We got thoughts the hard days Whatever I am down You always there for me It brought a smile to my life Knowing I can count on you Now that we are set apart Our lives will never be the same again But our hearts and souls Will always be united I'll bears you in mind Even if it means eternity FOr you aer a friend That I have never had.....

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